Global ICT Care is powered by people who donate to our cause. We depend on the generosity of individuals and businesses alike. We welcome all donations, from individuals to large corporations. We appreciate in-kind giving as well as financial contributions. Our work with rural populations is life-changing. We are committed to helping women; youth and children overcome the challenges to their survival. Also, we are determined to continue support for young entrepreneurs. But we need your support. Your donation is crucial to our ability to provide help in fighting poverty through our designed programs. Please consider making a contribution today. Donate now and change someone’s future.

A better life for children

$65 you can support a child’s education for one term

$30 can contribute to buying scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, mathematical sets, rulers and school uniform

$5 will provide a meal for 5 children while at school


Youth on the rise

$25 will buy training materials for one individual to learn how to make books

200$ will contribute in providing a loan to help one youth to start up a small income generating business, this will be given to other youth when returned to start some businesses


Women too can

80$ will buy a tailoring machine for a woman to enable her start her own tailoring business.

100$ will provide a loan to a woman for starting a small business and this will revolve to benefit more 2 women every year.

350$ will buy 500 chicks to be distributed among five women, so they can start their poultry keeping project. Out of this project they will get eggs and chicken for sale, assuring them of an income of 5$ a day as well as manure from the chicken house increased agriculture productivity.


ICT Project


Support our programs with Software educational material,

Laptop computers, desktop computers, projectors, large LCD screens, printers

150$ can contribute towards facilitating our volunteers, staff and trainers

Innovation and Research