How We Help


GLOBAL ICT CARE, through its programs, expects to make a significant contribution to self-sustainability in vulnerable communities. We believe the most efficient way to improve the lives of rural populations is by teaching skills that will advance long-term economic and social status.

We give no-interest loans to our targeted women groups to assist them improve and expand their business ventures.

In Uganda, many children are excluded from education for reasons of their gender, disability or background.We offer educational support services to poor vulnerable children, most of them who are orphans, disabled and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Most People especially children and expecting mothers are dying and suffering unnecessarily due to lack of access to quality healthcare .Poor health keeps people trapped in a cycle of poverty. We are supporting health care services to our targeted groups especially child health care, maternal health and sexual reproductive health.

We engage in creative and systematic work to increase the stock of knowledge to be able to devise new applications and establish or confirm facts, reaffirm the results of previous work and solve new or existing problems. Our areas of research are in areas of business and entrepreneurship, Agriculture, ICT, Education and Health.

Global ICT Care assists in empowering rural vulnerable communities by providing access to shared knowledge and resources. Through our training programs, we make significant contributions towards skills development.

Vocational Training


Business & Management

Development & Life skills